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Are you eating and training to achieve your goals?

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on March 21st 2016


We’re getting straight to the meat with this one i’m going to keep it short and sweeeet.

Ive said previously that one of the things I love about our industry is the variety and the options you have to get fit and healthy, Its huge there are so many methods and options there for you which is why I cant understand how some people can say “I don’t enjoy exercise” thats a lazy comment because “exercise” isn't 1 thing that has no options you have a ton of choices to find something you love.

But this isn't about that I want to talk to you about training to achieve your goals and how some of you may be training and eating well but incorrectly to achieve what you want to achieve.

Your training method and your nutrition should work together to help you achieve the goal you wish to achieve, Your nutrition is the fuel for your workouts, to repair your body and to keep your body energised and active, Training to smash big workouts and eat very little food will not work and result in you storing more fat that you lose, on the flip side eating like The Rock cus you read it online isn't going to help you out unless your a big guy already and that your training is supplementing that meal plan correctly.

You cant just pick methods and mix them together with the hope that it will work your body is much to complex for that, People say to me “why don’t you include so and so on your meal plans? I read in the paper it was healthy"

Whats healthy and not healthy isn't the only factor in what your eating, If your working with me, another coach or what ever method you should eat as you are being told to eat by that person because the chances are if there any good they have worked out what you should eat to work along side the training they are providing for you.

I have made my Primal Project® Nutritional program very free flowing and there is pick and mix options but theres a method and a blueprint to follow its not just picking random foods, The papers will tell us something is healthy one week and its not the next depending on who’s writing the article, listen to the people who are consistent and the people your trusting with your health and fitness.

What they/me are telling you is for your own benefit and not just to fill pages of a newspaper.

The same also goes for your workouts you need to know what your aim is and what your hoping to get out of your workouts before deciding the best method for you, if your main goal is to lose fat fast why do bicep curls? Work big muscles and melt fat. I know you read so many contradicting views when your reading about health and fitness and for that same reason find someone you trust stick with them and listen to there views, if they’re consistent with what they are saying then they’re obviously doing it for a reason.

Trust in your trainer, trust in the method, be consistent and most importantly COMMIT TO IT.

If you haven't achieved your goals in a week don’t just jump off and change your nutrition or workout stick with it , be accountable, ask why you haven't achieved it and keep moving forward. If the training and the nutrition is good you will achieve your goals.

Don’t be a fadder be committed