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Black Coffee and Banana's | Pre Workout Primal Style

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on March 15th 2016

Hello and welcome to Black Coffee and Banana’s (should be a bar, if you make it one before me I'm suing your ass)

The health and fitness supplement industry is huge business and pre workouts are becoming increasingly popular because of people working out early mornings or after a long day at work and just needing that kick to get them in the mood for it. Thats cool and i’m down with that but what exactly are pre workouts?

Like all things in life there are good pre workouts and bad pre workouts I get that but and my issue isn't just with the effects the pre workout has on your body I also have an issue with the addictive nature of these supplements. If you take a pre workout every time you train for a month pretty soon thats a habit, now you go to workout without that pre workout and see how you feel…Slow, lethargic, unfocused and unmotivated this is because you’ve become dependent on that product and without it you feel weak.

This is a dangerous situation to be in if you ask me, If your eating and drinking correctly your body should depend on your brain only to be able to perform, it should not require supplements to get it going.

But for all that I do see the importance of a kick from time to time and it doesn't have to come in can or powder form, I’m all about keeping things natural, simple and effective and this ticks all those box’s.

I give you the Black Coffee and Banana pre workout booster (This is not revolutionary I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been doing this for years but if your taking supplements for this effect its defiantly worth knowing)

A banana makes the perfect pre-workout snack because it’s easy to digest and provides a good amount of potassium which is an electrolyte that gets depleted when you sweat during a workout, Caffeine gives you that instant kick and allows you to push yourself harder for longer while you’re exercising.

Like I said this is not revolutionary but it could be for you, If you take pre workouts you only have to read the label to realise that most of these products are not good for you, A banana and black coffee is 2 simple ingredients nothing added but it will give you that kick you need to get you geared up for a workout!

Eat clean, drink plenty of water and you shouldn't need to much of a kick anyway RAWR Bootcamper’s train at 6am and the only pre workout we use is a good warm up…… Want to know how we do it? get in touch.