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Deadlifts tell no tales | How to Duel Kettlebell Deadlift

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on March 2nd 2016

If the Squat is the king of all exercises then the Deadlift is that noble prince who's next in line for the throne,whether you use a Barbell, Dumbbells or Kettlebell's the Deadlift is without doubt a formidable and challenging exercise.

Few exercises combine as many muscles as the Deadlift working your Butt, Legs, Core, Arms, Back and Shoulders all in one powerful movement.

As with most compound movement’s there are many variations be we are talking about the standard Deadlift although when I talk later on in this article about “Activation” you will see that Slight variations may be required to get the most out of your Deadlift, but these will all still be worked in to the movement pattern of the Standard Deadlift.

Why Deadlift

Functional Strength - The Deadlift is possibly the most functional movement we can do (Again the Squat can be debated) When you think of what a Deadlift is it’s lifting a dead weight from the floor up to a standing position, This is a movement we all do day in day out from lifting boxes at work to picking up your child, moving furniture etc. The more we train these functional movement patterns the more efficient we are at performing them which results in a lower risk of injury and an increase in strength.

Core Stability - When you look at core strength most people think of a crunch or a sit up but the Deadlift is one of the best functional core exercises available because your working your core in correct posture. The Deadlift targets all major postural muscles and trains the body to keep a strong back and brace the core while lifting a weight.

Improved Athletic Ability - The Deadlift is a great exercise to train your body to transfer power from the lower body forward and upwards which is great for improving movements such as Sprinting, Jumping, Lifting and Throwing.

Fat Burning/Muscle Building - You may notice a pattern with every exercise I demonstrate having huge ability to burn fat and build muscle, This is because I only use exercises that give the biggest bang for your buck and Deadlifts are certainly no exception. Huge movement allowing you to lift huge weight and use huge amounts of muscle results in massive calorie burns and lean muscle growth.

Prevent and repair injuries - Most people think Lifting heavy weights = injuries but this is not the case…Lifting heavy weights badly will result in injury but so will lifting light weights badly, Correct technique can help to strengthen the muscles around tendons and ligaments which helps to support joints which is key for preventing injury.

Deadlifts will help you become unbreakable and capable of getting more out of your body.

How to Deadlift

This movement has to be one of the most frequent movements we do in everyday life so getting it right in your training can have huge benefits, get it right and reap the rewards

Key points of the Kettlebell Deadlift:

Back straight chest proud - When you set up in your Deadlift the kettle bells want to be inline with your feet under your hips, reach for your bells keep a straight back and a proud chest

Hinge from hips - A Deadlift is a hip hinge so your not squatting, the aim is to hinge forward to grab the bells and hinge back to a standing position.

Keep hamstrings active - the Deadlift is posterior chain exercises meaning your hamstrings, glutes and back are all working to perform this movement, your knees should only bend as far as they need to you want to make sure your keeping the tension in the hamstrings.

Drive hips through and chest proud - The power comes from the hips, drive them through to a standing position so you end with good posture at the top of the lift.

Keep tension through the pull - Your arms, shoulders and back should be braced, don’t lose tension during the lift keep all those muscles switched on to keep this lift safe and effective

Squeeze glutes at the top - When you come to the top of your Deadlift squeeze your glutes hard to get them switched on and to stop you from over extending your back.

So there it is the Duel Kettlebell Deadlift one of the biggest and baddest functional exercises available, get it right and you’ll be lifting cars and pulling trees out of the ground for fun….seriously don’t do that tho you get in so much trouble!