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Effective at home workouts | Hard HIITing

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on June 7th 2016

It's always hard to predict what kind of summer we will have here in good old Blighty, 1 day of sunshine followed by 6 days of rain is a regular occurrence, so getting summer ready isn't something we really concern ourselves with.

But getting Fit and Healthy should always be a priority no matter what time of year. 

It takes time and effort tho and you need a gym or expensive equipment right?...Wrong!

Luke Downing, the never frowning, Fat body pounding, not stopping till your body looks astounding WORLDS FAMOUS PERSONAL TRAINER is here to show you how you can workout effectively with nothing but a space.

I say effective workouts because a couple of dips on the arm chair isn't going to give you the results your after, to be effective the workouts needs to be scalable meaning you can make it harder or easier and it needs to work you to YOUR highest intensity...Your highest intensity is the hardest you can work not anybody else.

Below I have included a recent workout video for you to get the idea of what kind of stuff I do but if you head to Instagram @RAWRBootcamp you will be able to scroll through and access all of my weekly workouts.

These are Functional HIIT workouts no more than 15 minutes long and if you work to your intensity they will melt a ton of calories and burn fat for fun.

This is a great way to start your health and fitness journey and to get you moving and also a good way to get a extra blast in to a routine you already follow. I am a huge believer in team training and training as a group like we do at RAWR Bootcamp really does make results come easy.

As proof of this once you complete one of my workouts and comment on the video telling the world how you got on I will give you a FREE pass to attend one of my RAWR workouts at either Lichfield or Aldridge camps.

Thats double incentive to go and workout now, so go try a workout, let me know how you found it and how you got on and I'll look forward to seeing you as part of the RAWR team soon.

Take care