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The Jack of all trades | Functional Trainer

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on January 22nd 2016

Fitness, training, exercises what ever you want to call it for me its a life long journey, It should be part of your daily routine as much as brushing your teeth is. If its something you do when you can be bothered you will never get to the body state that you desire to be.

Consistency is the key to getting the best out of your body, consistency in nutrition and training but this doesn't mean you have to beast yourself everyday, when i talk about fitness being a part of your daily routine I factor in rest and recovery days which are just as important as your training days.

To me your Fitness journey is the only instants where being a jack of all trades, master of none is a good thing.

Unless your training for a specific event favouring one discipline will only hinder your progression in another.

Think of that saying “Survival of the fittest” what does the fittest mean?

The strongest, The one who can run the furthest, the fastest?

I see it as a mixture of all of these thing, If we dropped 3 people in to the Jungle

No.1 Does nothing but lifts weights

No.2 Only runs distance

No.3 Does a mixture of these 2

Which person is more likely to succeed?

No.3 all day long right? this dudes got the balance between strength and conditioning, he wont burn out like the lifter and he’ll have the strength that the runner wont have.

For me this is what I strive for in my training and with my clients this is what I class as a “Functional Trainer”, a person who trains for life not just to look good.

Everyone of us favours certain exercises and avoids others, usually the ones we avoid are the ones that we struggle with the most. At RAWR Outdoor Training we combat this by ensuring all of our workouts have elements of Strength, Speed, Power, and Endurance so not only are our workouts designed to help people lose fat, get lean and get healthy they are also designed to improve the persons total fitness. 

We’re all born and made differently, our body types help us excel at different activities but this is why you should always work to improve the things we are not so good at.

Regardless of whether your a casual trainer who’s goals are keeping fit and healthy or if you partake in sports/activities you can all benefit from being a Jack of all trades, I like to know if I go away for a weekend or go on holiday and i’m taking part in some form of activity that I have the ability to take on what ever is thrown at me.

If you want to become a Functional Warrior get in touch to find out how RAWR Outdoor Training and the Primal Project can help you