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Why workout outdoors

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on February 3rd 2016

So today I had a little chat with somebody who asked me why I don't take my training indoors to a studio or gym, The simple reason for this is that I believe in keeping things as functional and natural as possible I talk about the primal life style and caveman training which to me is where Health originates from. To me training outdoors isn't just something we do for the sake of it, its part of the philosophy of RAWR its not just about the space we train in its what that space gives us and its also about how the rest of your health and fitness lifestyle fit in to that philosophy.

Gyms pop up all over the world on a daily basis everybody has a local gym and most people see that as the only place to go if you are looking to get fit, healthy and change your body composition. But thats wrong!!!! its time to think outside the box especially if your overall goal is to get healthy, Most gyms are a pretty unhealthy environments from the air conditioned air they pumped in to your lung's as your body gasps for good oxygen rich air, to the warm sweaty environment which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

We’re aiming to get healthy here and this is not a healthy environment, now lets look outside,. Oxygen rich air, No air-con or heating needed just wear a hoody and take it off if your to hot, as for bacteria…it cant survive in oxygen rich environments which means not only is this a healthier environment to train but you will also get sick less!!!

I spoke earlier about the philosophy and obviously the workout is just one part of that but this is how our workouts go down.

- We turn up 5-10 minutes before the session starts, have a chat and a laugh with our fellow Outsiders while we get our equipment ready.

- We head over to the workout field and start our warm up

- Once we’re warmed up we go through a workout consisting of strength and conditioning, functional HIIT rounds working on improving all aspects of total fitness, some rounds we work as a team to achieve.

- We end with a finisher lasting anywhere from 4-8 minutes which is designed to “empty the tank”

- Then we’re done, were all have a chat as we head back to our cars, a laugh bit of banter and we’re home and dry within 40-45 minutes.

What I'm trying to show you is that unlike the gym environment outdoors does not encourage us to be on our phones, wander around with a complimentary juice or coke,and we don't spend 3 hours in the gym pretending we've worked hard when really we have barley broken a sweat.

RAWR Outdoor Training is training for a purpose, we train in a similar way to how our ancestors would have hunted, we turn up, get ready and go hard until we’ve reached our target. short intense bursts then a big rest afterwards.

So thats my views on why outdoors is the perfect place to workout, the ground is uneven and the conditions are unpredictable just how life is, training for function should be unpredictable, never do the same workout twice, keep plenty of variety in movements and don’t train for one discipline, train to be a all round warrior, train to be a Outsider.

For more details on how to become a RAWR Outsider or to book a free trial get in touch now.