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​Workout in an environment that inspires you

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on December 2nd 2015

Im the first person to agree with you when you say you find it hard to get up in the morning and workout even the most hardened athletes find the rise and grind a tall order and especially to do it enough times per week to reach the goals.

But I am a huge believer in training in an environment that inspires you, if you train in a gym at 6am every morning i’m sure you can agree that looking in that mirror morning after morning surrounded by the same sleepy, yawning faces is not a sight that inspires change.

The fact of the matter is we’re born to be in nature not sheltered away from it, Our primal, natural instincts come alive when we are outside where our ancestors used to hunt, chase, gather, work and play.

The environment you choose to train in will shape your mind and body if you train indoors sheltered from nature and sheltered from your instincts how can you expect to get the most out of your body.

When you workout in an inspirational environment you get that ability to go a little longer and dig a little deeper, those boundaries you usually have become hurdles for you to leap over, those limits become limitless and you forget all the struggles that usually stop you going longer, going deeper and going harder.

It’s not just about being outdoors tho its training with people who inspire you, people who help you push through those hard workouts and encourage you to do more, when you find that mix of the environment and the group you train with it’ll bring with it an unbreakable spirit and create an unstoppable force.

The effects of being indoors breathing in air conditioned air and the warm, moist environment are a breeding ground for bacteria, Being outdoors breathing in oxygen rich, clean air have to many benefits to list both physically and mentally but for me the key is this, Bacteria cannot survive in oxygen rich environments, the healthier your body the easier fat loss and muscle building is, so eliminate illness from your training environment and reap the rewards of less days off and a healthier being.

To me their is nothing more inspirational than training with people who have the same goals as me and who are around the same ability because that healthy competition is what pushes us to produce our best, its like football 1 player can only be as good as the team around him, surround yourself with a good team and see what you can achieve.

But reading this and doing it are 2 completely different things so now you have read my thoughts on this subject why not come and experience it for yourself…….

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