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Your Healthy Day | 1 Day, 1 Workout, 3 Meals Happy Healthy Body

Luke Downing

Written by Luke Downing on May 9th 2016

Hello there,

You've been spoilt this weekend with the beautiful weather but now its Monday and your bottom lip has well and truly dropped.... 

But it's not all bad, You see true happiness can be found in health...That feeling you get from the sunshine that feeling that makes your body feel good, feel energised and feel like getting outside and doing something is the same feeling you get when you live a healthy, active lifestyle.

But words don't mean a thing unless you can back it up, thats why today I'm going to give you all the ingredients you need for a healthy day.

So lets get in to it as you know every day starts with a good workout and your healthy day is no different, A morning fasted workout will get your metabolism kicking and help you melt more fat throughout the day. 

Im not talking treadmills, cross trainers or even a gym for that matter I'm talking a roll out of bed on to the floor...15 minute HIIT workout.

Check out the video below and the description will tell you everything you need to know, complete the workout and drop me a comment to tell me how you found it.

So you've got out of bed and you've crushed your workout now its time for breakfast before heading to work.

You need a healthy, nutritious and filling breakfast but its got to be tasty to right, check out the Primal Full english breakfast pan it ticks all those boxes and it perfect post workout. 

Then we head to lunch it needs to be something you can take with you to work and sandwich's, pasta pots and salad bowls just aint going to cut it if you want to cut fat, so we have the Primal tuna melt to give your body good proteins and good fats to keep you energised for the rest of your day.

Then we head to've trained hard, worked hard and you want something that tastes juicy, sticky and naughty.

Well this Honey Apple Chicken and Balsamic Mushrooms is going to make you feel like your eating naughty but its 100% nice! who ever told you health had to be boring was a liar these meals are so tasty and so clean you'l feel alive, alert and most importantly you'll feel Healthy, Check out the menu below.

Thats all it takes to complete your healthy day, 3 simple meals, 1 simple workout is all that stand between you and the happy feeling of Health.

I urge you to try it tomorrow and give me your feed back, I want to know how you got on and how you felt before during and after.

If you enjoy this you will love RAWR bootcamp and our Primal Project nutritional program, But don't take my word for it come down and try it yourself 

Call to book your free trial now on - 07889180613

Have a good and healthy day, and I look forward to seeing you soon.